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The reasons why I want to promote Language learning.







My name is Joseph Eddie. I am from a tiny beautiful Island in the Caribbean called Aruba. It is there where I had learned all four languages: Dutch, English, Spanish and my Native Language Papiamento. That is why I would really like to emphasize  to the World the importance of being a Bilingual, a TriLingual or a Quadlingual speaking person.



My very first Blog, for real.

Greetings to all WordPress members, followers and bloggers out there. This will be my first official blog, and I am very excited and at the same time a little bit nervous. Without any further delay , I am now going to familiarize the public and followers on what it is like to  truly be a” Quadlingual” person. Here is an example of a few greetings in all four languages: Dutch, English, Papiamento and Spanish. The sentences are translated in this same order as in the previous sentence. Are you ready, well then,  Here we go:

Hoe gaat het met uw? How are you?  Con ta bai? Cómo ésta? As you can see here, there are some similarities between Dutch and English, but there are definitely a whole lot of similarities between Papiamento and Spanish. So there you have it, my first blog on WordPress. Please join me next time when I will be bringing you more on Quadlingual languages. See you later,  Tot straks, Te otro biaha, Hasta luego.